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World's Children 2003 report, UNICEF

        The world average for life expectancy at birth is 64 years. China (71 years), Maldives (67 years), Sri Lanka (72 years) and the U.S. (77 years).

        The prevalence of HIV in the 15-49 age group stands at 0.79 percent, compared to the world average of 1.2 percent and 0.11 percent in China.

        The report said that 43 percent of Indian women have a skilled attendant on hand at childbirth as compared to the world average of 59 percent. Women in Sri Lanka are the best off in Asia at 97 percent, next to 99 percent in the U.S.

        Primary school enrolments world average 81 percent. At 97 percent, Sri Lanka has the highest number of children studying in primary schools.

Ref: The State of the World's Children 2003 report, UNICEF




q       According to UNAIDS, more than 42 million people are infected with HIV worldwide, and 16,000 new infections are reported every day.

q       The disease has killed more than 20 million people since the first clinical evidence of HIV was reported in 1981.